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My research interests focuse mainly on two axes : the design of planetary scientific payloads , especially in the field of planetary geophysics (Development of planetary seismometers) and the preliminary design of space missions. I manage the DEOS/SSPA team at ISAE-Supaero


Research Interests

ISAE-SUPAERO cursus , 1 year             : Introduction to Celestial Mechanics

ISAE-SUPAERO cursus , 2 year             : Solar System Exploration missions

ISAE-SUPAERO cursus , 3rd year         : Space Science (OT/SU) minor

ISAE-SUPAERO cursus , 3rd year         : Advanced Astrodynamics

ISAE-SUPAERO cursus , 3rd year         : Science Space Systems design

Toulouse III Ms Astrophysics                : Space Mechanics

Université Paris 7  Ms in Teledetection  : Satellite and Space Systems course

ATHENS Lecture                                  : Satellite and Space Systems course


ISAE SPACE Students Projects

I am also managing the ISAE student projects related to Space, particularly EntrySat

Images : Crédits : NASA, JPL, SEIS Team



InSight is the 12th mission selected by NASA to fly as a Discovery Program solar system exploration. Getting to know Mars better and better has significant implications for our home planet Earth.


I have been co-lead on a Venus Seismology Vorkshop at Caltech, sponsored by the Keck Foundation. The report is available on the KISS website

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